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Successful businesses are not picked up from a text book; nor are they simple means of combining the right ingredients.  They require the right personalities and expertise to link with ideas and commercial opportunities that demand commitment of resource from financiers, landlords, local authorities et al.  We will not always have either the personality of the skill sets to meet the challenges of a particular business but we believe we are more capable than most.

Over the years, Gardiner Fosh has played a significant role in the creation of client business value and negotiating and structuring the realisation of that wealth.  Deals have ranged from hundreds of thousands to several millions encompassing businesses as diverse as ecommerce software to precision engineering and restaurants to financial futures. The structures varied from straight purchase by UK listed companies and individuals, through to MBO's and MBI's.  We worked with owners in preparing them for sale, negotiating the terms and working with appropriate legal advisers to conclude the deals.  An attention to taxation implications throughout also resulted in very low exit tax rates.

In addition to the gross value of the share and asset realisations, these business owners benefited from substantial pensions built up mainly in schemes set up and administered by Gardiner Fosh.

Our role in helping the development of client businesses has generally been in addition to our role as accountant and/or auditor - but not exclusively so. We are happy to work with other finance/accounting professionals and indeed enjoy such opportunities.  Any preliminary meetings and discussions are without obligation and completely confidential.  We are pleased to provide professional and client contact for any prospect to seek confirmation of our claimed successes.

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